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Shunt Choke Nashik

We are supplying complete test set includes transformer, Continuous variable auto transformer and reactor for testing of capacitor for LT as well as Voltage up to 33kV.

Prominent and leading shunt-choke-manufacturer in Nasik, offers best quality 3-phase and 1-phase shunt choke. Shunt chokes are useful where quality inductive loads are needed and for high quality filter chokes. In shunt chokes capacitor is used as filter and shunted across the load impedance.

Types 3-Phase or Single Phase Shunt choke
System Voltage 11, 22, 33 kV
Frequency 50 Hz
Duty of operation Continuous
Winding Material Electrolytic Copper or Aluminium
Insulation Class Oil filled
Cooling Oil Natural Air natural
  • Testing Capacitor.
  • Reactive current compensation of distribution lines.

Shunt Choke Manufacturers in Nashik, India