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Series Choke For Capacitor/ Power Factor Panel

7% Detuned Choke

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AB transformers manufactures 3-Phase series chokes with iron cores for the harsh operating conditions in various industrial applications and as per client requirement. Series choke used in line with capacitor as filtering chokes or smoothing chokes. Series choke can be used as the shunt reactors for the compensation of capacitive reactive power of power lines. Series choke can be also used as the limiting choke to reduce the value of short circuit current and to limit the steepness of voltage rise and current rise.

We are manufacturing following types of Chokes :

  1. Iron Core Series Choke
    • These are manufactured as per your specifications like− 0.2%, 0.6%, 7%, 14%.
    • There are two types of winding available− Copper or Aluminium.
    • Linearity as per yo ur design 150 to 200%.
    • Each choke is having over temperature bimetalic thermal contact for
    • overload protection.
  2. Iron Core Shunt Choke
  3. Air Cored single phase Choke

Types 3-Phase Series choke
Range 5 to 100 kVAr
System Voltage 0.66/3.0 kV
Frequency 50 Hz
Duty of operation Continuous
Winding Material Electrolytic Copper
Insulation Class "F" class
Impedance 0.2, 0.4, 2, 5.6, 7, 14% or as per specifications
Cooling Air natural

As series choke reduces short circuit current, Protects capacitor from switching current, and reduces harmonics, it is used in the electronic devices, in single phase AC or DC application from 10 to 50A, in three phase AC application from 10 to 50A.

  • Protects Capacitor from switching current.
  • Reduces Harmonics.
  • Reduces Short circuit current
  • High quality standard and reliable.
  • Simple and ergonomic.
  • User friendly and easy to install.
  • No additional maintenance required.
  • Light weight and compact.

Series Choke For Capacitor / Power Factor Panel Manufacturers in Nashik, India