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Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformer is used to transfer electrical power from A.C.to some equipment and protect against electric shock and to suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices.

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Series Choke For Capacitor / Power Factor Panel

We manufactures 3-Phase series chokes with iron cores for the harsh operating conditions in various industrial

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Control Transformer

We offer best in class control transformers with latest technology and premium quality material. Control transformer is also known as power control transformer

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Current Transformer

Current Transformers (CT’s) are instrument transformers that are used to supply a reduced proportionate value of current to meters, protective relays, and other instruments.

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Drive Choke

A choke is inductor which blocks higher frequency alternating current in electric circuit. A choke is nothing but a coil of insulated wire wound on a magnetic core.

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Shunt Choke

We are supplying complete test set includes transformer, Continuous variable auto transformer and reactor for testing of capacitor for LT as well as Voltage up to 33kV.

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High Voltage Transformer

These High voltage transformers are used for testing purpose and we manufacture up to 50kV resin cast and for customer required current capacity.

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Shunt Choke Manufacturers in Nashik, India